Shadman Cotton Mills offers a vast range of products which speaks expressively for its quality. We produce a broad range of spun yarns with unparalleled quality specifications. The quality ranking of our yarn falls in the world’s top 5% spinners. We use the finest and highest quality of cotton in order to produce yarns of all types. Currently we are exporting our yarns to the following countries Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, USA, Bangladesh, China, India, Turkey, Brazil, Peru and Colombia.

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 100% Cotton Yarn

Blended PC, TC, CVC Yarn and Viscose Yarns

Count Range Ne 10 to Ne 60
Carded, Combed & Compact
Single / Double / Three Ply
Suitable for Knitting & Air-Jet Weaving
Count Range Ne 10 to Ne 60
Combed and Carded
Single / Double / Three Ply
Suitable for Knitting and Air-Jet weaving
All types of blending ratios available (52:48, 60:40, 65:35, 70:30, 80:20)

 Melange Yarn

 Special Yarns

Count Range Ne 10 to Ne 30
Qualities Carded & Combed
Single / Double / Three Ply
Used For Knitting & Weaving
Cotton Linen Blended Yarn
Zero Twist Yarn Ne 10/1 to Ne 60/1 with PVA
Slub Yarn in 100% Cotton, P/C, CVC, TC
Lycra / Spandex Covered Cotton Yarn
Contamination-Free Yarn Using USA Cotton
Egyptian Cotton Yarn ( GIZA 86 )
Organic Cotton Yarn
Special fibers Linen, Bamboo, Lyocel, Antibacterial blended yarns



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